Tai ji day for middle level, December 2nd 2017, Belgium

with Tine Vandromme
for people with taiji experience 

This day is reserved for taiji people with some years of dedicated practice with one of the teachers at Evenwicht in Beweging or with teachers working in the same tradition (i.e. Patrick Kelly – Huang Xing Xian).

What will be taught: loosening exercises, short form, tui shou (pushing hands), meditation, background information and philosophy.

turnzaal stedelijke sportzaal Wilsele centrum, Aarschotsesteenweg 163,
3012 Leuven

Time shedule:
from 2 pm to 5 pm en from 6.30 pm tot 9.30 pm

More information:
Tine Vandromme
tel. 016 58 90 28