Summer week Blanchefosse (Fr), advanced level, July 2nd – July 7th 2018

Monday July 2nd (11 a.m.) – Saturday July 7th (11.30 a.m.)

with Tine Vandromme

For all those with years of dedicated tai ji training in ‘Evenwicht in Beweging’ or in tai ji
schools which train in the tradition of Huang Xing Xian, transmitted by Patrick Kelly.
We train at least 6 hours a day.

On the program: loosening exercises, short and long form, quick fist, pushing hands
and applications, meditation.

rue l’abbeye 4, 08290 Blanchefosse-et-Bay, Frankrijk

More information:
Tine Vandromme
tel. 00 32 16 58 90 28