Four tai ji days in Blanchefosse (Fr), middle level, August 12th – 16th 2019

Monday August 12th (2.30 p.m.) to Friday August 16th (2.30 p.m.)

with Tine Vandromme

This intensive four day workshop is reserved for tai ji people with some years of dedicated practice with one of the teachers at Evenwicht in Beweging or with teachers working in the same tradition (i.e. Patrick Kelly).
We train at least 6 hours a day.

What will be taught: loosening exercises, short form (long form), tui shou (pushing hands), meditation, background information and philosophy.

rue l’abbaye 4, 08290 Blanchefosse-et-Bay, France

More information:
Tine Vandromme
tel. 00 32 16 58 90 28